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You can access all past 3 plus years for only $179.00. This will give you a jump start on a large library of music.

You will receive Split Tracks, Several forms of sheet music, soprano, alto and tenor part helps, power point slides for your screens, drum loops, stereo tracks, orchestrations and more. You will receive three songs every month.

You will receive Non seasonal, Easter, Worship, Choir, Missions, Christmas and other special music is ready for you. You would have immediate access to an entire library of great music for any special occasion!

Your church will now have no excuse for not having a great worship experience.

Your singers and musicians can go online now and download their parts and sheet music and know the material before you arrive to rehearsal.

Also, no more piles of books and CD?s stacked up on the floor in the corner of your office. You now have it all stored online for you with unlimited supply for $14.95 per month. Just print off what you need before rehearsal. It?s that easy!!!

You also receive two additional tunes as a bonus where you receive the listening track, sheet music and sound track. I honestly do not know anywhere else where you can receive cutting edge music like is from different writers for only $14.95 per month.

Let us help you be more organized, provide great music, save you money, help you teach your parts to the choir and more by joining our iClub family today!

Founder & President,
Mark Condon
Mark Condon

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